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What to expect at a psychedelic retreat?

You might have been told about a psilocybin retreat or even thought about attending one for yourself – but what happens? We asked people who have been on the retreat to share their experiences…

What exactly is a psychedelic getaway?

A psychedelic retreat makes use of various plants to aid in the body to heal on a psychological, physical mental as well as spiritual scale. If you’ve been raised in the Amazon and has been there for a while, the plants used for therapeutic medicine include Ayahuasca and San Pedro/Wachuma, among other. Western medicinal plants include Psilocybin which is often called magical mushrooms. People gather with reverence of the plant to seek for healing and to begin the healing process.

How long will they last?

Retreats last anywhere from two nights to two weeks. Indigenous retreats can last for up to a month.

What are they?

Alcohol is not permitted. If conducted under the correct direction, these ceremonies are considered to be highly ritualistic and should not be to be taken lightly. Based on the retreat and the shaman who is leading the retreat, there could be a single ceremony each evening, where plants are administered in accordance with a person’s prior experience and state of health.

In the Ayahuasca Retreat, hours are usually spent sleeping and rest, as well as sharing circles (minimal meals) and the evenings are reserved for ceremonies and singing prayers. In a ceremony, the group can drink medicine or eat plants and then go into deep meditation until the drug starts to take effect.

The brain’s parts that are normally inactive turn into open channels. This is the beginning of the “journey” or, as some refer to it, the “trip” or psychedelic experience. I would prefer to not call ceremonies anything other than a ceremony because I don’t see it as being the same that people who use drugs to achieve a high. The ceremonies are extremely personal and each person is likely to experience different emotions emotional reactions and bodily sensations. Most often, groups gather in a circle in darkness, in an environment of safety which has been blessed by the Shaman. As healers they are required to create a safe space to allow for the experience.

What are your most memorable experiences?

My most memorable experience was under the guidance of an Peruvian healer known as Ricardo. He left his home at the age of 11 to travel, study and share his knowledge of healing. He is extremely professional and truly cares about the health and well-being of every person. Since the moment I signed up for the retreat, I prayed for six months to allow the healing to be gentle and gentle. My experience started long before the retreat. I also experienced signals that indicated I was indeed intended to attend the retreat. The way we think and act around medical treatment all contribute to our “journey”. I also adhered to a specific diet for a few weeks that removes toxins and prepares the body for taking medicine.

What do you think of when you go home?

It takes some time for the body and mind to process what has occurred. It is possible to leave feeling calm as well as euphoric however if they have suffered pain and suffering, the result after leaving is bound to be different.

Should everyone leave?

Absolutely not. The current administration of medicine is sloppy and misused. I knew that I was identified by the medication, called Mother for about six years, but did not want to leave without knowing the reason. This isn’t a chance to be high or an escape from suffering. It is essential to be certain that this is the right choice for you and capable of taking on the responsibility for what might follow. Healing is a process that does not happen in a single day, therefore, even if you experience an enlightened experience or negative experience, it’s usually a reflection of where you are at in your the present moment in your life.

It is best to only choose the recommended shamans or retreat leader. There have been many tragic cases of people having been sick and suffered terrible pain due to the fact that many people are simply claiming to be’shamans’. Be aware of your options and consider why you’d like to visit.

Experience Retreats are organized through the Psychedelic Society UK. Sebastian has been to one and shares his experiences below.

“Psychedelic retreats are retreats where participants for therapeutic spiritual or recreational reasons ingest plant medicine (Ayahuasca or Psilocybin-mushrooms). They do this in a ritualistic manner that is attended to and cared by the facilitators.

I’ve been to two psychedelic retreats , both of which were the “Experience retreats” located in the Netherlands organised through Psychedelic Society UK. The first retreat I went to was four days long; the second one was five days.

In general, there is one day for preparation one ceremony day, and one day of integration, each day is accompanied by appropriate exercise and activities.

In the course of the event, everybody munches their psilocybin-mushroom truffles , and then finds their own spot in the room for ceremony. After that, everyone makes tea out of the truffles, and then drink the tea. The dosage varies and is discussed prior to the session with the facilitator you have chosen. The majority of people choose doses that cause many hallucinations, an alteration of your perception of time and space, and loss of awareness of self or of being in a constant state.

I’ve had plenty of wonderful experiences during an psychedelic retreat. Meeting amazing human beings deep and profound excursions that are full of images and insight. I’ve not had any negative experiences. Sad, sad, and challenging experiences, sure but nothing that is a bit frightening.

After my retreats, I am inspired and encouraged to live my the world and be more inclined towards compassion and love. The re-entry into the modern world , where people are so unpredictable and anxious can be somewhat daunting.

FYI, psilocybin truffles are legally legal within the Netherlands where these retreats are held.”

Elise Loehnen is the Chief Content Officer at Goop

“I discovered my psychedelic experience as well as the ones I’ve had since putting the show together – to be transformational. It was like years of therapy rolled into one session. The most important thing about the actual experience, however is an integration process. The bits of it I didn’t work on over the past few months, I’ve lost. I believe that psychedelics, when used in the right context and with the right therapy support, can bring the ladder from the sky. Then it’s your turn to grab the rope and climb.”