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Why Visit National Aquarium, Abu Dhabi?

National Aquarium Overview

It is the National Aquarium in Abu Dhabi is the biggest aquarium in the Middle East, and serves as the home to 46,000 animals spread over 10 themed zones. It is situated within Al Qana, this aquarium is also home to over 200 sharks, rays, and species from 25 species, as well with animals belonging to hundreds of different species. They are taken care of by a staff with 80 professionals.

It is here that you can go through the longest tunnel of the Middle East, surrounded by divers and more than 22,000 animals, which range from reptiles and mammals to amphibians, marine animals and birds. It is also that you can observe various habitats including corals, rainforests and even the rainforest.

Are you wondering what else you can find in the aquarium? The aquarium is home to bull sharks, hammerhead sharks as well as tiger sharks as the black-tip reef sharks, eagle-rays as well as sharks named the Super Snake, which is seven meters long reticulated python that is the most well-known living snake around the world. From feeding sharks by hand or observing a view of shipwrecks as well as the frozen oceans, rainforests, and more The entire visit to the aquarium lasts just a few hours, and will provide visitors with an unforgettable experience.

The basics of The National Aquarium:

Location: Al Qana – Rabdan – Al Maqta’ – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

National Aquarium Highlights

Visit one of the biggest aquariums in the Middle Eastern region

With a total area of 9,000 square metres The National Aquarium located in Abu Dhabi is the home of more than 46,000 animals comprising freshwater and marine animals, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and amphibians as in birds of a variety of species

Aquarium is separated into 10 zones which include those named the Jewels of Arabia, the Red Sea Shipwreck, submarine in the Mediterranean and the regions which are of the Pacific and Amazon and the Amazon, among others.

Don’t forget to stroll along the lengthiest tunnels in the Middle East while you are in the area. See around 200 sharks, and fish, and have the opportunity to feed them during your trip as well.

If you want to experience a truly thrilling experience, go to the Super Snake, which is seven meters long and is believed to be the world’s longest snake living in UAE and possibly the entire world.

It is also possible to observe and learn about the various animals, such as turtles and sharks are saved and transported in a safe manner, then rehabilitation here during your visit.

The Top Things to See for National Aquarium

The UAE’s National Treasures

The National Treasures zone of the aquarium pays tribute to the country’s history and is where you can find out more concerning Arabian pearl-fishing.

From observing the process by which pearls and oysters form naturally, to observing the variety of species that contribute to the landscape’s diversity through their presence on the shores and the Eastern Arabian Peninsula, this region is visually appealing.

Red Sea Wreck

The Red Sea Wreck, you are able to explore and learn about many of the unique and amazing treasures of the ocean. Here, you can take a dive exploration of a shipwreck as well as observing numerous fish species as well as corals that are found at the Arabian Red Sea.

Atlantic Cave

In the rugged Atlantic Cave, you can explore and find a vast assortment of marine creatures that usually reside in small crevices and corners, particularly in the caves of the Atlantic Ocean Sea. From sea sponges to lobsters and marine life there is everywhere.

The Sub

The Sub offers visitors an immersive trip beneath the surface of the water to observe the way a submarine functions. Apart from observing marine life that inhabits its habitat, it’s in this area that you will have the chance to observe the Nautilus that is marine Mollusc (belonging to a variety of octopuses, squids and cuttlefish) as well as other marine mammals.

Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire is located in the outer part of the Pacific Ocean, and is believed as the largest volcanic chain around the globe. In The National Aquarium, this area is filled with fascinating marine life located in the constantly changing environment that these volcanic peaks.

Ocean Magic

In Ocean Magic, in the Ocean Magic zone, you are able to discover the complicated and risky ocean ecosystems and also discover the diverse marine life that thrives in such environments.

Frozen Ocean

Discover the wonders of the Arctic which is the northernmost region of the planet, in the Frozen Ocean zone. A typical ice cap that is huge and the home of many creatures, including marine animals and arctic seabirds as well as fishes and much more.

The Flooded Forest

The Flooded Forest, or the lively rainforest area of the aquarium, is one of the top areas here. It is made up of stunning canopies, tropical birds , and healthy air for you to breathe.

From taking in the cool and relaxing atmosphere here, to witnessing an array of species and birds indigenous to rainforest areas around across the globe. This region is definitely one of the most intriguing at the aquarium.

Bu Tinah Island

Bu Tinah Island is one of the 200 islands Abu Dhabi is home to. According to some, it is one of the most secretive secrets of the area in the area of The National Aquarium was created to offer visitors an insight into the breathtaking Bu Tinah Island, and has shallow waters seagrass beds, large mangrove trees and colorful coral reefs.

Pricing Information for National Aquarium

General Admission Price: 237 Rs
Beyond the Glass Beyond The Glass: Rs.2,646
Bu Tinah Dhow: Rs3,054

Important Information about the National Aquarium

The Most Beautiful Species of Fish to see in the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi:

Sharks Sharks: The National Aquarium is home to more than 200 sharks including whale sharks the hammerhead shark, black tip reef sharks , and bull sharks among others. Alongside admiring these magnificent predators, you can enjoy a swim and hand feed them during your trip at the Aquarium.

Stingrays: With more than twenty species of stingrays to be found in the aquarium, including the manta and Eagle rays. Stingrays are among the most stunning animals are available in this aquarium. They are commonly referred to as the dancers of ocean due to their kite-like bodies as well as enormous fins that cause them to appear to dance in the ocean.

Fish: When you visit the Aquarium there is a good chance to spot many of the most diverse species of fish here. From eels and salmon to different species of fish, each with distinct colors, shapes and features You are certain to discover some species that are extremely uncommon here.

Corals Contrary to what is commonly believed corals are actually invertebrates, which are found under the seas’ surface and oceans. But, they provide habitat to tiny creatures, fishes and polyps. The National Aquarium is a great place to visit. The National Aquarium, you have the opportunity to observe a variety of coral reefs that are all vibrant and beautiful, in various sizes and shapes.

Birds: Apart from the fish species and various marine animals, the National Aquarium has some of the most stunning species of birds. They have stunning colours, distinctive feathers, both small and big and found in different regions of the world.

Reptiles This is the National Aquarium located in Abu Dhabi also houses some of the most intriguing reptiles on the planet including snakes and lizards, geckos, turtles and many more. The Super Snake here, which is a seven-meter-long python and is the biggest known live snake that exists in the world.

Amphibians: One of the kind of animal that are found in this aquarium are amphibians. This refers to animals who are usually born in water and then move to land-based life as terrestrial creatures. There are a variety of diverse species of frogs, salamanders, newts, and toads in this aquarium.

Mammals: In addition to marine animals and birds The National Aquarium also boasts of an array of mammals, like dolphins, otters and sea lions and others. Also, you can see the capybara in the aquarium which is the largest living rodent, as well as sea lions, as well as other mammals.

Conserving UAE Wildlife:

National Aquarium National Aquarium also aims to protect the wildlife of the UAE and also has an Wildlife Rescue Program. The primary goal that the organization has is to save and rehabilitate the native wildlife of the Abu Dhabi Emirate.

It is through this scheme that the Aquarium has successfully rescued and rehabbed hundreds of birds and animals. One of them is Jambo which is the African Grey Parrot, which was saved from the site of construction in the year 2020. It is now living within The Flooded Forest by the Waterfall in the aquarium.

Another animal that was saved and then rehabilitated inside the Aquarium Iggy one of the Green Iguana, who was taken from a shelter for animals in the UAE and is an threatened species in the aquarium.

The aquarium also saved Amal the Loggerhead turtle, which is extremely rare in the UAE and was discovered caught in a net for fishing in this area. Amal was later released together with the other sea and green turtles in the Natural Treasures Zone of the UAE However, she was then returned to the aquarium for permanent treatment in the aquarium.